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Reiki Healers Learn from Covid-19: 4 Steps to Deeper Self-healing

A self-healing Reiki practice can give you a strong foundation for spiritual development during the coronavirus situation.

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Complete Remission

“The tumour has gone” were the words that I had first heard several weeks earlier during a distant healing treatment using SCIO biofeedback and Reiki, among other energies. I heard them again yesterday from my oncologist. So ends a six month learning curve that was so vertiginous, it was more of a learning line at […]

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Reflections of Light

Global Nomads often find that the end of the first 6 months in any new country leaves them feeling a bit buffeted about and strangely anchor less. We have combined this turning point time with grey, rainy days curtailed by darker nights and that mounting hysteria that accompanies the Christmas Season. And yes I do call […]

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