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Distant Healing

Distant healing is an amazing experience. The recipient simply relaxes at home at the appointment time and intends to receive Reiki healing. The sender will flow energy to the recipient from their separate location for the agreed length of time. This way of healing frees up the practitioner and the client to access very deep levels of healing.

Untie The String has also set up a Distant Healing Group to offer regular healing to people as a group. There is no charge for this group distant healing, but you are invited to do something to help another person as an exchange for the energies.  If the person to be healed is unable to make a request themselves, you can request on their behalf.  For example, if the person is in a coma, or is your very young child, you may ask for healing for them. All such healing will be sent to work for the recipient’s highest good and to be received at the best time to achieve this.