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Bowen Treatments



A Bowen treatment lasts between 45 and 75 minutes, beginning on the back of the body and moving to the front. Clients may sit or lie down for a treatment. Bowen is a holistic technique, which means the whole body is treated in each session. Specific sequences of tiny, gentle moves are incorporated to target particular complaints whilst keeping in mind that pain in one area may originate elsewhere. Sequences are combined to build up
into a course of treatments to achieve the required benefit. Each move has a kind of ripple effect through the body, and a deep sense of relaxation is often instantaneous. You may not feel specific reactions immediately or you may have sensations of tingling, pulsing, warmth, twitching or just feeling very light or drowsy.

Between these gentle moves there are short pauses to allow time for the body to receive the signals from each move before work on another area. You may have the sensation that your therapist is still working on your body at this time as you sense different reactions to the treatment. Change is gradual but deep. After three treatments you will know the effect of Bowen Therapy. Usually you will know instantly, and each of the three treatments will then bring something different.