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Holding Space

It is the most beautiful thing to have a conversation with a client and be able to support them with a conscious connected breathwork that gives them more of that sense that they are safe, they are held and they can trust their inner wisdom and their breath to take them where they need to go with whatever thoughts, emotions, physical movements and spiritual experiences arise.

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Resistance is Futile – Dare to Change!

As I come to the end of a 28 day challenge of daily conscious connected heart breathing, I find that I have more questions than answers and the resistance to this daily commitment is as strong as ever. How can it be that such a simple half hour practice stirs up so much procrastination and […]

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Shut up!

My fellow breathwork facilitator asked me to sum up James Nestor’s book, Breath in one word. “Shutup!” was my reply, which I’ve now realized is two words, but my reasoning stands. If you shut your mouth to breathe, you reap amazing health benefits, according to Mr Nestor. He got the lowdown on this strange topic […]

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Untie The Breath

A sense of joy flooded across my body like a child’s smile at the end of a park ride. Let’s do it again! And again! I looked up at the sky, arms outstretched, fleet splayed and body soaking up the soft floor. No, I’m not talking about the joy of sex! I’ve discovered something far […]

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Reiki Healers Learn from Covid-19: 4 Steps to Deeper Self-healing

A self-healing Reiki practice can give you a strong foundation for spiritual development during the coronavirus situation.

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