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My Reiki Story

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Being a Reiki Master defines me. Reiki found me in 2009 and since then I have been dedicated to a daily practice of Reiki precepts, meditations and self-healing, which combine into a life-long process of spiritual self-development. At first Reiki was just for me and my family, but it became more of a way of life.

There can be many reasons why someone starts Reiki. Some people seek spiritual self-development and others seek physical, mental or emotional well-being. I encountered Reiki several times without ever trying it and then one day I made a friend who was a Reiki practitioner and I wondered if Reiki might help my children so I gave it a try. I was amazed at the deep relaxation and feeling that all was well with me and the world after each treatment. My ticklish children could enjoy the benefits too as the practitioner could treat with hands near their bodies without contact.

Reiki helped me and my family so much that I decided to learn Reiki myself and eventually started a full time practice and teaching others. I started with just friends and family but the demand grew and I became a full time Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. My clients come from all walks of life and for all kinds of reasons; some for relaxation and some for acute or chronic health problems. Reiki is a practice which celebrates difference and helps people grow in their chosen way or path. I have treated clients from many different faiths, beliefs and cultures. All have benefited greatly in different ways. I learnt a lot from each one of them.

As well as the physical and emotional well-being I gained, I found Reiki was a way to gradually develop into a more positive, compassionate and happy person and also a way to learn how to accept and let go, living more in the moment, without the tension that sometimes comes from expectations and demands of loved ones or society. Reiki enables a sort of untying of the many knots and tangles that can build up within us as we experience difficulties in life.