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Reiki Courses

I believe you get back what you give; you create your reality through thoughts and attitude. This is reflected in my teaching. Teaching is not work to me, it is a joy! You can be assured of quality, tailored-to-you instruction in a friendly, positive and supportive atmosphere for reasonable fees. I was a teacher with the British Council for many years before becoming a holistic therapist and taught adults and children in small groups and lectured study skills to classes of 50 students. Now I teach tiny groups of up to four students so that you get maximum attention and build beautiful friendships during your workshop.

This is very special opportunity to learn Reiki in a small and cosy group with individual attention from your Reiki Teacher and a vibrant Reiki Community to practise with after the weekend workshop.

My strengths as a teacher are my awareness of individual learning styles, my training in effective listening skills and my experience of different cultures and languages, as well as over 10 years of experience of teaching Reiki to people just like you!

The courses are very comprehensive with 15 hours of content and opportunities for post course mentoring online. Each course is practical, tailored to you and accessible to all. The fees include post course mentoring and printed certificates mailed to you. You will also get an invitation to join online groups to share experiences and information.

You will gather for two days , arriving 9:15  for a 9:30 am start. At Level One, you will also be offered my introductory zoom class before that to introduce you to Reiki history on an evening or weekend date to be agreed with participants. Upon completion of the weekend training, you will be invited to join our  in person ‘Reiki Share and Support’ events.

No experience is necessary for Level One, but you do need to have an interest in spiritual development and it is best to have tried this form of energy healing by having at least one Reiki treatment before you begin to learn to flow this spiritual energy yourself. This does not have to be with your teacher, but can be a good way of finding out if you ‘click’ before you commit. For Level Two, you need to have either studied Level One with me and have done 3 months’ practice or have studied with another teacher and be able to go through what was covered before you register.

By the end of the second day at Level One, you will have learnt a meditation to increase the flow of Reiki, a philosophy around living in the now with a focus on self love, kindness, gratitude, calm and respect for life and a method for energy healing. You will know how to treat yourself, your pets and your family and friends with Reiki and you will be ready to embark on a 21 day self healing journey in order to get your beautiful level one Reiki certificate. Many students go on within a few months to take level two and become a Reiki Practitioner. If this way of learning with a strong focus on community and bringing out the best in each individual sounds interesting to you, please call me to request a registration form and reserve your place.

Please note that there are some contraindications to Reiki practice; please do not register if you are pregnant, are taking medication for mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia or are under treatment for cancer. (A communicable disease would also prevent attendance.) If in doubt, please contact me for further information. When registering, please let me know any medical conditions or any needs that I can take into account to make your course more comfortable for you.