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Reiki Treatments

During Usui Reiki treatments, the Reiki practitioner intends Reiki to flow and then moves their hands through different healing positions on or over the client’s head and body. The client is fully clothed and can lie down or sit in a chair for the treatment. Recipients experience deep relaxation and may feel warmth, tingling or movement of energy, as Reiki flows to wherever it is needed to balance and heal from within on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Without needing to concentrate or do anything at all, the client draws Reiki through the practitioner to their own energy body. The practitioner is able to sense where healing is most needed and adapts the treatment to the client’s needs. Reiki is not a massage and does not involve physical pressure or manipulation of muscles or tissue. For those sensitive to touch, Reiki treatments can be wonderful because the Reiki practitioner’s hands don’t actually need to come in contact with the body. Clients can choose gentle contact or no contact. There really is no way to describe in words how a treatment feels, but the testimonials from clients may help you decide if Reiki is for you. A series of 3 treatments is recommended initially. On completion of Reiki Level 1, a client may perform their own Reiki self-treatments to maintain optimal well being.

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