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This holistic therapy is quite unusual in that the therapist will only perform a few very soft but specific moves on the clients head, torso and limbs, before pausing to allow the triggered reaction to flow through the body like a gentle yet deep ripple effect starting at the muscles, tendons and fascia and moving on through the body’s systems to enable the client’s auto-regulation process to restore balance, calm and wellness. In fact Bowen Therapy is also known as Neuro-structural Integration (NST) and Fascial Therapy, due to the way it is believed to work.

The gentle moves are performed a few at a time over the course of an hour to gradually trigger a reaction or shift, which in turn relieves stress stored deep in the body, enabling mental, emotional and physical healing. The gentle release of this stress allows the body to reset itself, realigning to a physiologically harmonized state via the autonomic nervous system, circulatory system and lymphatic system. This opens the way to achieving optimal chemical balance and functioning of the body’s systems. The aim is for everything to balance and realign at its own pace without pain and without imposing the will of the therapist, who will never force anything to move beyond where is comfortable. There is no need for any oils or deep pressure.

Bowen Therapy is complementary to your medical doctor’s care, although your doctor may advise a change in dosage of medication after a course of Bowen treatments. Your Bowen therapist will never diagnose a condition or advise on medication and will always refer you to your doctor for regular monitoring of your condition.