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Teachers’ Endorsements

I have been very impressed by the attention that Christine puts into her work and the enthusiasm that she shows in everything that she does.
Christine came to Colours of the Dawn School of Reiki to take the Reiki Master/Teacher level training after taking the earlier levels with other teachers and applied herself thoroughly to the homework (both pre and post course) and very quickly started to incorporate the teachings into her daily Reiki routines. In essence she was the perfect student and I found that, at times, I was also learning from her extensive knowledge and experience which she brought with her from her earlier experiences and teachers.
Christine is a very thorough person and always makes sure of what she about to do before starting any work. I can thoroughly recommend Christine for her Reiki healing, teaching and associated services. You will be in good hands.

Richard Jones, Reiki Master at Colours of the Dawn School of Reiki, Sheffield, UK

I have known Christine for the past 5 years as a keen Reiki healer. She constantly was in a quest to learn and master healing techniques. Her intuitive skills are other-worldly. I strongly endorse her intuitive and healing abilities.

Priya Sethi, Reiki Teacher/Master at Priyana, USA

I had the pleasure of teaching Bowen therapy to Christine Ashton in 2013 here in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She was a committed student, very thorough, paying great attention to details. She received a Distinction in her examinations.
She is a caring and empathetic therapist. She performs her treatments to a very high standard. She is also a great organizer and is to be trusted with all projects that she chooses to embark on.
I highly recommend her services as a Bowen therapist.

Susan Hagan, Bowen Therapist and Tutor