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Resistance is Futile – Dare to Change!

As I come to the end of a 28 day challenge of daily conscious connected heart breathing, I find that I have more questions than answers and the resistance to this daily commitment is as strong as ever. How can it be that such a simple half hour practice stirs up so much procrastination and […]

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Untie The Breath

A sense of joy flooded across my body like a child’s smile at the end of a park ride. Let’s do it again! And again! I looked up at the sky, arms outstretched, fleet splayed and body soaking up the soft floor. No, I’m not talking about the joy of sex! I’ve discovered something far […]

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Reiki Healers Learn from Covid-19: 4 Steps to Deeper Self-healing

A self-healing Reiki practice can give you a strong foundation for spiritual development during the coronavirus situation.

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